NJC Pay Offer 2018/20: Consultation Ballot Paper

Please look out for our email ballot where you get the chance to vote.  If we do not have your email we will send you a postal ballot, however to save postage costs and to stay up to date with what’s going on in your Brance please provide us with an email aaddress by updating your details online here or by calling or emailing the Branch office.

Useful information can be downloaded by clicking the following links:




The Local Government Employers’ two-year NJC pay offer comprises:

From 1 April 2018: From 1 April 2019 
On SCP 6, £1,380 (equivalent to 9.191%)


On SCP 7, £1,380 (equivalent to 9.130%)

On SCP 8, £1,380 (equivalent to 9.052%)

On SCP 9, £1,380 (equivalent to 8.976%)

On SCP 10, £1,250 (equivalent to 8.006%)

On SCP 11, £1,200 (equivalent to 7.592%)

On SCP 12, £1,050 (equivalent to 6.512%)

On SCP 13, £900 (equivalent to 5.458%)

On SCP 14, £900 (equivalent to 5.363%)

On SCP 15, £900 (equivalent to 5.272%)

On SCP 16, £900 (equivalent to 5.167%)

On SCP 17, £900 (equivalent to 5.064%)

On SCP 18, £800 (equivalent to 4.427%)

On SCP 19, £700 (equivalent to 3.734%)

On SCPs 20 and above, 2.0%

A new NJC pay spine (scp1-43) with a bottom NJC pay rate set at £9 per hour (new scp 1)

2% incremental steps between each new scp 1 & 22 (old scp 6-28)

2% cost of living increase on new scp 23 & above, including those on locally extended NJC pay spines

For those of you who work For East Sussex County Council these spinal Column Points (SCP’s) do not equate to the Pay Scales the County Council uses.  East Sussex Area Branch can advise you that for the majority of you generally means a 2% increase each year.  Anyone on less than £18,000 per annum full-time is likely to receive a 3%+ increase.


The UNISON NJC Committee recommends that members REJECT the 2018/20 pay offer. The Committee believes that the offer falls short of our claim. However, the Committee is clear that the offer is the best achievable by negotiation and that nothing short of substantial, all-out strike action could have the potential to improve the offer.

Please read the pay offer on UNISON’s website: www.unison.org.uk/our-campaigns/fair-pay-now-council-school-workers/

We need to know your decision by 9th March.  If you need further information before voting we have meetings set up for:-

26th Feb 12:30 – 1:30pm, Ocean House Hastings (Rm OH1102).

27th Feb 12:30 – 1:30pm St Mary House, Eastbourne (Rm SMH102).

28th Feb 12:30 – 1:30pm Committee Room, County Hall Lewes.

or 1st March Branch AGMs (Eastbourne and Lewes).