Help with 1-1 meetings checklist

1. Please do not complete your preference forms or express your favoured option at this stage. We are aware that they have been attached to the consultation document which we have asked to be removed as they are not required until July 2018. Please note you will not be disadvantaged by not responding at this point as legally under meaningful consultation management cannot look at these preferences until the end of the consultation period. However please clarify what personal information such as, being a carer and other responsibilities management may need to know (and should already know) and that would or could affect your personal circumstances e.g you cant work on a Thursday as you never have and you have commitments.
For those wishing to consider severance, ask for your figures at this meeting. Please note there is no difference between voluntary and compulsory redundancy figure-wise, (however, you may need to consider how this may effect pension or benefits you may be able to or do already claim).

2. If there is a suggestion to decrease your hours, has there been an agreement regarding timescales for you to consider this proposal and to trial this for a period?

3. If the proposals are wanting you to work in an alternative workplace to either keep your hours or make the proposed options by management viable, what are the financial consequences for you and what time would you have to spend travelling and has this been considered by management and you need to think about it too

4. If the proposals go ahead in your workplace and you feel you have to accept a post which is of a lesser grade, ask management/personnel what paid protection you will receive. Please note you should be able to apply for a post one grade higher if you meet the job description specification.