Health & Safety

Health & Safety, and adding in the other element of the legislation, Welfare is a much maligned area that unions and this branch are heavily involved in.

Our fully trained representatives can research accidents in the workplace and support claims where there is negligence as well as undertake inspections of the workplace and inform the management of improvements that are required. Thompsons Solicitors acts for members when accidents result in personal injury and Loss – last year over £100,000 was claimed for members within the branch – of course they are grateful for compensation but they would rather not have had the situation occur in the first place.

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How UNISON helps – and how you can too

UNISON’s safety reps play an important role in checking workplaces and helping employers to reduce risks. Workplaces become safer when many people are alert to potential hazards. If you spot something you think might be hazardous in your workplace, report it to your employer and safety rep straight away.

Your employer should then decide what harm the hazard could cause and take action to eliminate, prevent or reduce that harm.