Upcoming Women’s Course – Pregnancy & Maternity, January 2017

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UNISON South East is taking applications now for:

Pregnancy & Maternity Rights – 24 & 25 January 2017 (Module 3) 

Maternity Rights in the UK can be extremely complicated.  It is estimated that approximately 30 000 women are sacked every year for declaring that they are pregnant to their employer.  Women also face discrimination on their return from maternity leave.  This course will provide information about the current legislation and how trade unions have negotiated improved maternity policies for members over the years.  This course is for branch women’s officers, and women stewards.

The course will cover:

·         Introduction to the law relating to maternity rights

·         Comparing statutory with negotiated contractual rights

·         Advise members of their rights – case studies

·         Identify opportunities for negotiating improvements to contractual agreements

·         Campaigning to improve maternity, paternity and parental rights

 Download an application from here.

 Any questions do not hesitate to contact me.


 Sam Comerford

UNISON South East

Equality, Campaigning, Communications and Democracy Team


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Something new for women active in UNISON

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Welcome to a brand new e-bulletin
The countdown has started to national women’s conference and in preparation, we’re launching this brand new e-bulletin for UNISON’s many women activists.

Conference is your opportunity to make sure UNISON hears about what is important in your workplace.  So let’s make this year the biggest, most successful women’s conference yet!

Are you registered for conference?
National women’s conference
Brighton, 16 to 18 February 2017
Kati Conway and Sinéad Liddy attended conference last year as representatives from the national young members forum.

“It was our first time attending” says Sinéad. “From the start of the conference it was clear to both of us the spirit and passion that a lot of the women had. They delivered powerful, passionate and inspirational speeches and it was obvious that a lot of hard work and time had gone into producing them.

“Overall we thoroughly enjoyed the experience of attending and participating in women’s conference. It is a great experience and we would urge any young woman thinking about it, to just go for it and don’t hesitate. If you’re unsure how to go about attending or registering, ask at your next branch meeting.”

2017 women’s conference details
Beside the seaside, beside the sea!
Deadline for registration on the online conference system is 5pm Friday 9 December. So get in touch with your branch now to find out about attending in 2017.

“If you’re passionate about women’s rights and workplace issues,” says Kati and Sinéad, “and would like to gain a better insight into the work of the national women’s committee, attending this conference would come highly recommended from both of us.”

“One of our motions was ‘Improving young women’s attendance at women’s conference’ and we had a lot of support from other branches and regions.”  So let’s hope this is now followed through with a big increase in young women attending conference 2017!

Visitors can register right up until conference starts. We’d love to see you there – the more the merrier!

2017 women’s conference bulletin
Let’s get campaigning, sisters!
Every year at women’s conference, delegates debate motions on key issues for women in the workplace and in the wider community, put forward by branches and regions, women’s committees and networks.

Campaign ideas, based on the motions passed by conference, are detailed in the Women in UNISON Campaigning Handbook.  The handbook also contains contact details for organisations that UNISON works with and that provide useful information.

So make sure you have a copy and get campaigning!

Get involved
Don’t despair, organise!
We all know times are hard.  Money is tight, the cuts are hurting, families are struggling.  Now, more than ever we need our unions.  We need to get together with our co-workers and organise!

UNISON’s Organising Space is one way of keeping in touch and sharing ideas – and women members everywhere need more women activists using it!

It’s a secure and safe online resource developed to support our activist and organising communities. The space allows us to share content, have discussions, ask experts and seek support from our peers.  So check out UNISON’s secure social learning microsite exclusively for our activists and staff.

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